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Why “Inertia Rose” ?

The Reason behind the Name.

Many people on the internet use pseudonyms or ‘screen names’; a practice that dates back to the early days of the internet. Indeed for myself I’ve always separated my life online from offline until recently. In some ways it as if I am two different people. At home, with my family, I am who I am. Online my identity has always been held safe and protected from those who wished to judge. As we all know humans can be cruel especially beyond their comfort zone.

Inertia has always been my go to name. It stands for many things. The actual meaning of “Inertia” is – a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.

For a long time now I’ve been in a state of ‘perpetual stillness’ with a fear of doing something else. Subsequently I remained unchanged in many ways. Beyond the dictionary meaning lies a deeper context with me that has grown over time. Inertia symbolizes stability. Something solid. Grounded and unchangeable unless truly forced it is a state of being that stands firm and will not be swayed so easily. It mirrors my personality in a lot of ways.

Incidentally the name was useful because of it’s uniqueness and was readily available for use. It always worked when I joined many different forums which made it easy to remember whenever I had to log in somewhere.

Essentially the username, over time has become Me.

sci-fi-flares260It’s akin to being an author who wishes to change his or her style, to do something different from what they are use to thus they create pen names which aren’t readily identifiable with their books. It’s a chance to walk on the ‘wild’ side without being ultimately detrimental. Some people may argue that you are not being your ‘true’ authentic self but I disagree. I think many of us long to do something more, to reach out and experiment, to try new things but fear ridicule and harsh judgement so the use of such a name is acceptable.

Even now, though I’m fully accepting of who I am, what I can do and that I no longer fear judgement or ridicule I still use the name as it’s very much a part of me. It feels wrong -not- to use it.

I am recognized through my Art ( http://whimiscalmuse.com ) as Inertia world wide. In taking a step forward of fulfilling a dream of sharing my experiences with spirituality, intuition and more, I stand firm behind the use of the name as it simply ‘fits’. This is who I am and I’m openly sharing myself through Serenomy as you’ll see in future posts. My lessons learned can help others and my calling, my true purpose is to share that knowledge for the greater good with the highest of intentions.

As for Rose? Well, she’s a very special person in my life. Someone I’ve subscribed to be like for many, many years. My great Aunt who has always been open to Spirit, connected to the Divine has been a role model for me. Having introduced me years ago to a psychic who did an amazing reading it opened my eyes further to a realm of spirituality that was and always has been utterly fascinating for me. The reading was an eye opener and many of his truths came to be. I feel indebted in many ways to my Great Aunt for such an experience and honor her by using her name (which is also, incidentally my daughter’s middle name).

Have you ever used A Screen name / Username? Do you always use the same one, or change it up? Curious minds want to know!

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