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Tarot, Intuition and Reiki

The Tarot is a way to get more information. It’s an age old tool to access the deeper areas of knowledge and is perfect for this. You just need to know how to access the information. Intuition is one of the tools that we utilize as Reiki practitioners. The following two layouts can be used before a session to get a much deeper understanding of energy system and karmic influences.

The first spread is the Energetic Body spread. This is a layout consisting of four cards. You lay them out in a straight line from left to right.

  1. The first Tarot card represents your physical body. This card can tell you how a physical problem can be manifesting, such as underlying issues and causes.
  2. The second Tarot card represents your emotional body. This one tells you about the emotional state, such as conditions that are foundations for emotional blockages.
  3. The third Tarot card represents your mental body. It gives us information about our mental space, like blind spots we may have about ourselves or erroneous concepts that are blocking our growth.
  4. The final Tarot card represents the spiritual or astral body. This informs us of the health and well being on a spiritual level. It can reveal karmic influences that are affecting us right now.

Follow your intuition, contemplate each card and how it unveils what was hidden. Ask your guides how this understanding can influence and deepen the flow of Reiki.

The second spread is the Chakra spread. This layout has seven cards in it. You arrange them in a vertical line rising away from you. This reading can give you a lot of different information just by comparing the different cards to each other. It can give you ideas of where blockages of energy exist in the system and where it may be channeling to create an imbalance. Listen to your intuition, listen to your Guides.

Both these readings can provide a foundation to developing ones Reiki insight and intuition. They can guide us to what hand placements are best, especially if we are short on time. It can also help determine what symbols are useful for the clients well being. The cards can also provide a deeper understanding of what the client is telling you. They can point to guides that you may want to work with. It also helps us deepen our trust in our awakening abilities. The Tarot is a useful tool in that in provides a different view like a microscope or a telescope.

  1. So, the first Tarot card relates to the Root chakra. Its color is red and relates to survival and the physical.
  2. The second Tarot card represents the Sacral chakra, which is orange and relates to passion and reproduction.
  3. The third Tarot card will illuminate the Solar Plexus chakra which is yellow in color. This card tells us a lot about a persons interactions with their fellow beings in this world.
  4. The fourth Tarot card is for the Heart chakra and is green. The Heart chakra can reveal a lot about past hurts and future hopefulness. This is a good indication of the relation of spirit and body. Is it tied up in knots?
  5. The fifth Tarot card relates to your Throat chakra, which is the color blue. This is a good indicator of someones actions in the world and how they express themselves to reality.
  6. The sixth Tarot card is the Third Eye chakra, which is indigo in color. This card can represent blockages to spiritual insight or the revelations to come.
  7. The seventh Tarot card is the Crown chakra which is iridescent white. This is our connection to spirit and can reveal a lot about our connection to the universe and how we feel about our place in it.

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