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Spirit Guides are human souls that have evolved to higher levels through many past incarnations. Guides understand what it is like to live on earth, so they understand what we are going through and give us more practical advise. Their purpose is to teach and guide us along our particular path. We usually have at least one guide that is with us our whole lifetime, and several others that are “specialists” here to help us with a project we are undertaking or a talent we are trying to develop. They are here for as long as we need them.

Both Angels and Spirit Guides are always ready and waiting to help us on our journey through life. You have probably already felt their guidance in the form of dreams that give you insight into a problem, or a brilliant idea that suddenly pops into your head.

Spirit guides are disembodied entities who move between the spirit and the material world in order to provide guidance or counseling to a living person,  each of us has a spirit guide or guides but only those who have raised their spiritual vibration high enough have an ability to recognize their presence.  These guides are the souls who have  been reincarnated sufficiently to be released from the cycle. Because of their experiences and knowledge gained from these reincarnations, they are able to share with the living a greater wisdom.  Sometimes they are of equal knowledge and are souls one has known for many incarnations.

You can make contact with your spirit guide. Visualization and meditation can open the doors of communication between the two worlds.  They will be involved with your  dreams. In many cases,you may never have a direct  encounter with your spirit  guide. However, that doesn’t mean you do not have a guide. Many people simply sense the presence of these guides in their lives.  Some come to hear and see them.  They can and do help you with important decisions.  Many people also have animal spirit guides.  The animal spirit guides are great sources of wisdom.  Guides change from time to time depending on the lessons and level your soul has reached.  

A reading I will do will introduce you to your guides and angels which are working with you.  It will cover a description of appearance, who they are, and when they lived.  They will often include a name they wish to be called or be known as.   

There will be messages from them about your spiritual path and development.  The reading will also include information on how you can build clear communication with them and begin to have them assist you on your path in a more direct way.

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