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reiki principles

Reiki principles-Just for Today..

Reiki principles

The reiki principles or the Gokai or precepts introduced by Dr. Usui Sensei, founder of Reiki is considered to be a secret of inviting happiness.

We make the start and end of the day by reciting these principles in Gassho (prayer position).

But do we really lead a life by fully implementing Reiki principles every day?

If not, I would like to share my lovely tools that really help in abiding the very first principle “Just for Today, Do Not Be Angry”.

Anger can be expressed or suppressed but hold onto the feelings of anger, rage fury or resentment creates serious blockages in the energy field which eventually give rise to other health problems by affecting our body metabolism. In general, it is not good for the wholeness of the person as these feelings affect body, mind and spirit.

But how to release unwanted emotions related with anger and keep negativity at the bay seems to be very daunting. To be honest, it is just a matter of thoughts. Reiki healing along with the help of tools provides considerate help to me in releasing these emotions.

These great tools are:

  1. Breathing exercise and Meditation: Take a few deep breaths. Inhale white light with gentle deep abdominal breathing and imagine it is going through all your chakras and eradicating all the negativities in form of darkness – exhale this darkness. Once you imagine that all darkness has gone away – just inhale the white light and exhale the same white light and keep repeating the process until you completely visualise it and imagine that you are covered with the white divine light. Any meditation or Reiki symbols meditation greatly helps at the time of anger. It helps in calming the nerves by changing your focus.
  2. Grounding: Do any method you prefer but must do.
  3. Heal the fingers: Fingers represent the five elements of the body through which run meridians which in turn affect emotions. If overwhelmed by anger, just give Reiki to the thumb and middle finger. It helps.
  4. Affirmations: Just for Today, Do not be Angry. ( Kyo dake wa, Ikaruna; is a Japanese version) and Just for Today, Must Forgive.
  5. Switchwords: Take the help of wonderful switchword; REVERSE or CLEAR
  6. Mudra: Perform Gyan mudra, well known as mudra of knowledge. Touch the tip of the thumb with the tip of index finger, apply light pressure with palms facing up and rest of the fingers straight. It brings calmness by stimulating the Root chakra. The Root chakra mantra OM LAM OM can be chanted while performing this mudra. Do it for 15-20 minutes.
  7. Crystals: Some of the crystals greatly help in releasing anger and bringing calmness. My favourite ones are Rose Quartz and Citrine. Hold in your hands and visualize it’s absorbing all your negative emotions and bringing loving energies of peace to you and surroundings. You can make a crystal pendulum and spin it in your energy field.
  8. Mantra: Om Gan Ganpataye Namah
    This is one of the many mantras of Lord Ganesha, well known as remover of obstacles. Chant the mantra as many times as possible. The vibrations of this mantra makes you feel grounded, bring harmony, peace and develop compassion.Or Om Mani Padme Hum
  9. Reiki Bubble: It’s my favourite, whether at work or at home, very easy to do. Imagine yourself sitting inside the Reiki bubble with angels at your side embracing you taking away all the unwanted emotions. Inside the bubble there is nothing else but just pure divine love and light.
  10. Chakra healing: Give Reiki to all the chakras by drawing symbol 1-symbol 2-symbol 1 and Master symbol (if attuned). As Solar Plexus chakra is considered to be a main chakra related with anger; I prefer to keep one hand on the Solar Plexus while the other hand moving to rest of chakras starting from Root chakra.

After using any of the above tools; always fill the aura with love and light.

In general, to make our life better we should try to develop an attitude of forgiveness (Just for Today, Must Forgive) so that we can accept and love unconditionally. Tools play a role of catalysts in shifting your consciousness by bringing awareness that makes you to live by Reiki precepts to some extent.

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