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Six Blessings of the Reiki Path

Do you feel happy and secure on the Reiki path? Or do you feel stuck and lack claritHow does it feel to have this energy called ‘Reiki’ as part of your life?y about where Reiki is leading you?

Thousands of people are attuned to Reiki. However, a significant number of practitioners are unsure about what exactly they can do with Reiki in their lives. They lack clarity on the numerous ways in which Reiki can help them.

If you are on the Reiki path, know that you are here for a reason. You are blessed, just like every other Reiki practitioner.

Here’s why-
  1. Gentle yet powerful healing – Reiki is a very gentle energy. Those who practise Reiki regularly know that the touch of Reiki is soothing and gentle, yet has the power to help one feel completely recharged and energetic after a full body healing.
  2. Chakra Balance and Awareness of Chakra Health – As we practise laying on of hands, we become more aware of our chakras. We become sensitive to the flow of energy within each of the seven major chakras and can therefore detect when a chakra is not in balance. Regular practice also helps to clear the chakras of small energetic impurities picked up every day and keeps the chakra system fairly healthy and balanced.
  3. Opportunity for Gradual Progress – The levels/degrees of Reiki offer practitioners the scope to make progress at a comfortable pace. Each level of Reiki caters to a distinct form of healing. While the very first attunement works primarily on cleansing the physical body, the second level leads us towards a deeper healing of our mind and emotions. The Master level takes us into the depths of our spiritual essence and is focused on healing at the level of Spirit. This makes the journey of a Reiki practitioner very unique. We receive the opportunity to work on healing ourselves at multiple layers of our Being, at a pace that is comfortable to us.
    Six Blessings of the Reiki Path
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  4. Flexible and Easy to Practise – Reiki is one of the most flexible forms of healing that one can practise. There are no rigid rules and regulations to be followed. Nor does it require one to meet any prerequisites in order to get attuned. It is open to everyone.
  5. Opening up to Higher Dimensions – Reiki is one of the most effective ways for us to connect with the energy of the Higher Dimensions. It opens up our higher chakras and helps us discover our inner conduit for receiving divine guidance and healing.
  6. Guidance at the Tips of our Fingers – Reiki acts as our very own personal guiding light. Getting attuned to Reiki is equivalent to having a Source of divine guidance right at the tips of our fingers. We may not always be conscious of the guidance that Reiki gives us from time to time. But that does not stop Reiki from working on us, provided we are committed to regular self healing. Reiki works on our energy field in subtle ways and brings about many changes within us and also in our lives. It helps us let go of everything that is holding us back in life and to embrace that which is of help to our growth. We can notice the Reiki induced positive changes in our lives over a period of time.

We are blessed to have access to this divine energy 24 hours and 365 days. We can help ourselves and also help the world through the light of Reiki. Let us commit to daily self healing and allow Reiki to help us.

Gratitude for the gift of Reiki! Love and Blessings.

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