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Reiki and Intuition

As a Reiki practitioner you already know that some of your normal-human skills have started improving since you started your practice. When you are attuned in something spiritual like Reiki, you have a deeper connection with your spiritual guides, your inner guide and also with the entire Universe. After the attunement you are more prone to receiving things from the spiritual world. Intuition is a very important part of your Reiki practice and also of your life, but in order to improve at it, first you must learn to follow your intuition and to keep your mind open to receive messages and guidance in your life.

High-level-entities are showing you the right path for you all the time. During therapy it might be easier to follow your intuition by letting the energy flow and your hands move to the places the patient needs more energy.

But that is not the end, you may receive messages all the time in your daily basis, and you must be ready to follow your intuition in many situations.

Let’s put a simple example, have you ever been with a person who you have just met but you don’t feel comfortable with him or her? That’s your intuition working, in this example just try to avoid this person, trust your intuition.

This is a very simple example, since I think most of us have been in such situation. But our intuition doesn’t just work with persons who are pleasant or not to us, we can receive messages all the time and form many different places and ways.

High-Level entities use many different ways to guide us to our right life-path, sometimes it can be through people, like in the example I wrote above, but there are many other ways. During meditation it may be through visions, but during our day life they communicate with us by using smells, colors, images, thoughts, phrases, objects, etc. that may be or not pleasant, just remember always trust your intuition. I mention thoughts because we have that little voice inside us, the one we call “conscience”, and that voice usually will lead us to the right path.

Sometimes, when I really don’t know where to go I receive signs as white feathers falling from nowhere and such, at first it was strange for me but now I receive those kinds of signs more often. Just keep your mind open, and be ready to watch these signs. Remember, nothing in your life is random, and your high-level guides will find a way guide you through the right path.

Keep up your Reiki practice and after some time you will discover signs and messages in many places of your everyday life so trust your intuition and have faith, because in the physical world there are many clues for you in many places, even places that could be considered as absurd, just let your intuition guide you, it will always lead you through the right path.


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