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Reiki Balls

Article by Chanchal Gupta

Reiki Balls, also known as Chi Balls, are the collective mass of positive divine energy. We can say Reiki balls are the balls of focused Divine Reiki Light. We can create Reiki balls by focusing DRL on one point in between our hands.


Reiki balls are very useful healing tools. We can use Reiki balls for:

  • Transferring distant Reiki attunements.
  • To cut cords.
  • To heal the past issues which trouble us in present life.
  • For self healing.
  • As protection, protecting ourselves and protecting others.
  • Can be used in future just by calling them.
How the Reiki Balls Work

Reiki balls just work on our intentions. With pure intentions we can create powerful Reiki balls. We put our intentions of healing, attunement, cutting cords, protection or whatever we feel like transferring, into the ball and send it to the desired person, place or thing via space with love and light. Whatever intention we put into the balls these work on that very intention after these are received by the recipient.

Creating Reiki Ball

✨Be in comfortable position.
✨Focus yourself.
✨Have few deep breaths.
✨Chant Om silently.
✨Ground and shield yourself by drawing symbols.
✨Take your hands (cup shaped) up to shoulder level, keeping two feet apart, both palms facing each other. Make a connection of Third Eye with your palms and draw all the Reiki symbols you are attuned to mentally on palms.
✨Start bringing hands towards each other very slowly till you get the feel of energy, take the hands away and again bring them closer. Repeat the process till you feel a energy ball in your hands.
✨Connect the ball with Third Eye.
✨Draw symbols Cho Ku Rei, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Sei Hei ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Cho Ku Rei into ball with Third Eye and project them with dominant hand.
✨Now embed the intention of creating Reiki ball into it.
✨Hold the ball firmly in the hands. Repeat the intention of forming the ball.
✨In case of attunement call the name of person or persons to whom you are transferring the distance attunement.
✨Feel the warmth of Reiki ball in your hands.
✨Your Reiki ball is ready to send to the destination.

✨Bring both hands together, palms facing upwards. Now very gently, politely, with a beautiful smile on face send the ball to space with love and light keep watching the ball with closed eyes till it vanishes from the sight.How to Release the Reiki Balls

✨In case of self healing bring the ball near Solar Plexus and with a gentle jerk send it inside the body.
✨In case of attunement visualize the person in front of you and intentionally place the Reiki ball, embedded with symbols to the person’s Crown chakra with a violet breath.

After sending ball to its destined place rub both hands, put on eyes and open them slowly. You are done with creating ball.

Receiving Reiki Ball

✨Be in comfortable position
✨Have few relaxed breaths
✨Ground yourself
✨Chant Om
✨Be in meditative state
✨Be receptive
✨Say I am receiving healing, attunement etc. from the source via so and so person. May the divine power let me undergo the transmission. Be in this state for 15 to 20 minutes.
✨Pay gratitude to supreme power, master, yourself and all the deities.
✨In case of self empowerment receive it with a deep belly breath. Pay gratitude to DRL.

Reiki balls are very effective and sound method of distance healing and attunements.

Hope you all will try this method of creating, sending and receiving the Reiki balls and will get the benefits out of it.

Stay blessed ever!

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