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Letting Go with Reiki

“The moment I let go of it was the moment I got more than I could handle,
The moment I jumped off of it was the moment that I touched down.” (Alanis Morissette)

If we don’t let go of our attachments, we will never solve our problems, we will never be free. Now – think of a problem that’s currently causing you some discomfort.

Ready? Got your issue? Good.

So you have some financial, romantic, or health problem (or maybe something completely different – the steps are the same). When you think of the problem, anxiety takes over. Depression, stress, anger, or even hate. As long as you harbor these feelings, the problem will not go away.

Letting Go with Reiki
Here’s how to let go of your emotions with Reiki:

1. Get comfortable and relax. If you have a meditation practice, get into meditation position.

2. Say a little prayer. Admit that you need help and humbly invite your Teacher, Angels, Reiki Masters, and other enlightened beings to assist you.

3. Invoke Reiki and let the energy surround you.

4. Briefly bring the troubling situation in your mind.

5. Move your attention to the sensations you experience in your body. Pay close attention to these sensations. Where are they located? What do they feel like?

6. Do not oppose any resistance. Allow the sensations overwhelm you.

7. Keep your attention on the sensations you experience in your body. Bring the flow of Reiki to that area.

8. Using your intention, let go of the sensations. Allow them to overwhelm you, and at the same time intend that they find their way up from deep within, fulfill their purpose by getting experienced by you, and are set free. Reiki flows and enhances the healing process.

9. As the sensations are released, you will feel lighter. Repeat from Step 4 until you feel you have released enough for this session.

10. Thank your Teacher and the other higher beings for their assistance. Invite them, ask them to stay with you throughout the day and send you their blessings and guidance.

Some issues will heal real quickly. Others will take some time, especially the old wounds. As you keep letting go, your overall vibration will slowly rise. Each released emotion leaves you clearer and clearer, and as they go away, so do the obstacles that stand between your mind and your Divine Higher Self.


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