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11/14 Super Moon Reading Special

November 14/15 we have a SUPERMOON which marks the SECOND in a trilogy of SUPERMOONS this year (the first was in October and the third will be in December).

But our November SUPERMOON is extra special… not only will it be the brightest & closest SUPERMOON of this year, it is also the closest the Moon has come to Earth since January 26, 1948.

What does it Mean?

This is a good moon to anchor and ground a new vision. It may even be something that has percolated just under the surface of your conscious mind, and now suddenly you have some clarity about it.

During this expansive, inspiring time you could see how something you once thought improbable is now suddenly very possible. Problems that were lurking finally have solutions to them. This will inspire you, uplift you and bring some positivity to your day.

If you have had something wonderful happen recently, make sure you take the time to honour it, celebrate it, and receive it with joy and gratitude.

In honour of this amazing Moon, I offer a 25% discount on all services. I will do readings on and around the full moon using its additional pull and magic to give the best insight I can offer.

Being a “Cancer”,  the moon and water ultimately have a strong impression with me. Thus, my energy relates directly to the Moon Cycles. This Supermoon is a magical time for me and I want to share this special energy with you.

This discount will be one-time use and off the total price in your cart.

Use the Coupon Supmoon1114. The Coupon expires November 30th, 2016.

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