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Meditation-The Infinite Power Within You!

Access The Infinite Power Within You with Meditation!

“Study thine self”. That is what the Buddha said, the Christ also said it… further more all masters walking this Earth have said it. Yet, how many of us have truly listened?

Don’t just study other people’s thoughts – no matter how good! Don’t just study religion, or science, or anything else. Use outer tools as a bridge to find your most vital inner tool: awareness!

Awareness can be blunt or sharp, narrow or broad.  Take your big toe, for example.  How many times are you aware of your big toe during each and every day?  Probably not many times unless, of course, you happen to stub your toe. Then all your awareness focuses on that area as you cry out in pain!  You won’t notice much outside of that, in that moment.

Your awareness is always changing – notice it.

The trouble with the human intellect is that it gets confused because it is only a part of the total holistic system of intelligence that operates within you, through you and all around you. Dr. Bruce Lipton points out that our conscious mind can only process 40 stimuli per second, whilst our subconscious processes an incredible 20,000,000 stimuli per second, an almost inconceivable amount!

Most school systems today are still failing children because they are stuck in a paradigm that teaches only one side of the coin – rational mind, otherwise known as intellect. Schools teach children to assimilate knowledge and dry facts, not true ‘knowing’. All power diverts to an outside source even if that source is faulty.  This is clearly a recipe for failure in life…

Most of all, children are taught not to question the voice of authority.  Parents don’t want it, teachers don’t want it, governments don’t want it… everyone wants a peaceful life, don’t they?  But this system is creating chaos on this planet as we witness the fragmentation of our psyche playing out. Mental illness has never been higher. Twenty-first century diseases are on the increase, with no end in sight. As a result, physical burnout has never been higher…

What is the solution to the madness?  The answer is simple, yet profound.  Within you is an Infinite Knowing and Infinite Power that can bestow healing and peace in an instant. It is not dependent on outside sources for validation. It is already there, waiting for you to acknowledge it.

You are already a part of Divine Consciousness, that which you might choose to call ‘God’, and your inner intelligence already knows this. No proof is required and there is no ‘separation’, only the illusion of separation (called ‘maya’). Therefore you simply need to tune in and feel the inner communication that is happening all the time between you (the small, ego self) and You (the Greater Self, Higher Self, God, Atma, Divine Consciousness).

If you take a droplet of water from the ocean, it will have the same properties as the large body of water from which it was taken but it will not represent the totality of the ocean’s power. On the other hand, if you put that droplet back into the ocean, then its power becomes unlimited again!

What if we, as droplets, are already connected to the body of water that is ‘God’?  Most of us have difficult understanding due to a dry, intellectual perspective as our conscious minds are trained to be dull. Our intuitive minds have no problem with this reality but intuition is not honoured in schools, universities or work places.

We connect beyond time and space at an energy level and this is proven by Quantum science. Thus, we know that not everything is as it’s seems and yet we are living disconnected, fragmented lives which leaves the question of why?

Meditation is one of best ways to access this power within. You have to go within your self, through a process called meditation, to feel this connection and power, to sense it and to know it as truth.

If you doubt your own connection to a Higher Power, you have not done the work yet… you have not entered the path of Ascension.

To ascend simply means to merge back with the Oneness, with the reality of Peace and Compassion.

Begin with quiet meditation each day and see where it leads you. Do not operate on automatic, turning on the radio or TV and flooding your senses with all kinds of mental garbage.

Anything that quiets the chattering mind is meditation – meditation is about finding stillness, about catching the space between thoughts. What puts YOU in the zone?!

What puts you in that place where no thought exists, where life is free of conceptual overlay? 

The famous Christian psychic Edgar Cayce said that Prayer is talking to God, and that Meditation is listening to God. He was in touch with that Immortal Self, beyond time and space.

Therefore, as a result we all have the ability to know this for ourselves because the time of Great Awakening is at hand.

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