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Life Path Tarot Reading – My Own

Best TAROT reading today that has me PUMPED!

dscf0513I pulled three cards with the question in mind of my life purpose and being on the right path. And What future outcome could I expect.

The cards I received were 1. Three of wands. 2. King of Cups. And 3. 6 of wands.

Ironically, as I went to bed last night the thought of writing a book came to me (as do a million other ideas while I’m trying to sleep. When I woke this morning, I lay in bed writing a autobiography of myself, the struggles I’ve experienced with depression, severe anxiety and social phobia. Yesterday I had pulled an Angel card, which was also ironic in that it was “Creative Writing” along with “Divine Order” & “Counselor” – from Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Cards.

The message seems to be repeating itself. “Write,” “Teach”, “Guide”.

The meaning behind each card:

Three of Wands is the tarot card for writers, writing jobs and freelancers. It is also the card that follows the manifesting the seeker did in Two of Wands, and the seeker is now living a new and exciting opportunity. Three of wands tarot card signifies the Seeker is rewarded, promoted and/or maximized their chances to succeed. The enterprise is expanding. In a career reading, Three of wands tarot card signifies careers in writing, project management and freelancing. Three of wands in a career can also denote expanding and taking on more responsibilities.

Three of wands + Six of wands: A successful decision. Being ahead of your time.

Your ships got wind behind their sails and are off to bring you riches. Three of wands tarot card shows up when it is time to nurture what you put so much love and effort into. This is not a time to be complacent. Protect and expand on what you worked so hard to build, and the foundation will be of the substance you need to assure future security and success.

King of cups denotes being diplomatic, mature and respectful, and getting the respect you deserve in return. You will get respect and trust by giving respect and showing trust. If you show that you believe in people they will want to make you proud. King of cups tarot card often shows up when you are about to reach your highest potential.

In a career reading, King of cups can mean you are about to be recognized in a big way.

King of cups people are very spiritual and have great knowledge of different cultures and alternative lifestyles. They are emphatic and intuitive which they use to succeed in business. They always trust their instincts. King of cups tarot card denotes achieving at the highest level. This is the card for reaching your ambitions. You are living your true nature through your career and your relationships.

Six of Wands is the tarot card for popularity, progress, victory and success, self-confidence and getting what you want. You will be getting recognition for something that is important to you. People look up to you. The one who seeks shall find. Move towards your dreams rather than away from your fears. Your inspiration and motivation will get your further than your doubts and fears ever will.
In a career reading, Six of wands tarot card signifies working on projects that attract recognition.
Six of wands tarot card meanings denote success and recognition. It is easy to have confidence when everyone loves you. You are making others proud of you and you might even be on a pedestal. This is a good time to plan your next move. The conditions now are very favorable.

Synchronicity. It ALL fits.

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