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Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings are different for everyone. Depending on the person conducting the reading, the focus can be on anything from releasing blocked energy and past trauma, tapping into past lives, working through a current hardship, or helping a client to activate their highest potential and life work. As the name implies, the sessions are usually led intuitively, and any professional reader will tell you each of their sessions are unique and highly individual.

Typically, during an intuitive reading there is a lot processing, releasing, and transmuting of energies in the mental, emotional, and physical energy bodies. For some, intuitive readings can feel like a “talk therapy” session. For others (especially those who are highly sensitive to energies) it can feel like having psychic surgery. It all depends on what the client and intuitive reader intend for the session.

Most intuitive readings provide in-depth information about a person’s soul journey and life path. They do this by tapping into different dimensions of consciousness, reading subtle energy, and even accessing the Akashic Records (a term used in theosophy to describe a “library” of mystical knowledge supposedly encoded in a non-physical realm of existence). For many, intuitive readings help provide clarity on life purpose or karmic cycles.

What are the benefits for You?

  • Happier than you have been in a long time
  • Relieved and Stronger because you know what is right for you
  • Immersed in Love and Light
  • Showered by a very strong healing energy that melts away your blockages
  • Clear on what your Life’s Path and Purpose are
  • How Powerful you truly are – yes, you are!
  • Connected to All That Is and to everyone around you
  • Big shifts in your perceptions and a new perspective on your life
  • What is true for you – and what isn’t – so you can make the changes you need in your life
  • Aligned with your Soul and Heart
  • So grateful for your life
  • A stronger and clearer sense of who you are
  • Clear about what your precious gifts are and how you can share them with the World

I do not predict creepy things, criticize, read thoughts, or tell people things they cannot handle. Common topics covered are job opportunities, achieving more harmonious relationships, healing the past, having the confidence to pursue one’s dreams, and whatever is affecting one’s health. I use my empathic ability in a grounded and ethical way that comes from my personal practice as a counselor. I will not make predictions for the future, but will give guidance on what topics and situations may arise, challenges that you may face. Everyone has free will and thus whatever future I may see could readily be rectified and changed by YOU. Which is how is should be.

Some of the reasons you may consider an intuitive reading from me are as follows:

  • You’re longing to do something more fulfilling and purposeful
  • You’re feeling stuck and unsure of what to do next in work or relationships
  • You need help prioritizing or profiting from your passions
  • You feel like grief or stress has taken over your life
  • You’re considering a big leap or daunting decision
  • You feel like you can’t move forward until old wounds are healed
  • You want to know who’s watching over you and their messages for you

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