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If I were

There is a numbing revolution
that riddles through my bones.
Lost for words –
For images –
For an outlet that drives me free.
A surge of hopelessness;
A sense of lost
Of being stuck between Worlds.
Hindrance and annoyance,
Longevity and pain
There is no reason to the madness.
No explanation of the words
just an empty shell of existence
That strips away the truth.
What was once,
is no longer.
A dream, a wish
A hope  –
that now degenerates –
To dust.
Convoluted and overwhelming.
I search out
through the fog for one who truly knows.
For one who’s hand reaches back and grasps
my tendrils of bone.
And yet,
Emptiness is my savior –
As is dark to light.
A balance of a World that
Strives for naught
in this maleficent nightmare.
Would the touch of an other upon these lips
Savor just the taste and relish the caress –
A halted breath
A skipped heartbeat,
A tender palm against the cheek
With a whisper of a name upon the wind..
I am a ghost.
It is beyond what I can see.
But not at all beyond what I feel.
It is beyond what I can have, and yet
It is what I dream
And it is what I wish,
Were I to live..

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