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Following One’s Heart – Soul Path

Over many years I’ve had an interest in Spirituality. Though I’m not religious when it comes to a specific denomination I am extremely spiritual and in tune with the planet on the whole. I feel a connection to something Divine and it’s been with me since I was young. Though I did not learn to recognize it for what it was until approximately 15 years ago when I had a near death experience. It was then that an Angel came to me and I was carried into a sea of intuitive growth and acceptance that I was able to use born abilities that had been dormant until that point in time. I am now following what I believe is my calling. My soul’s path and I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to do so. As a sister site to Whimsical Muse, I have opened serenomy.com which focuses on the spiritual in terms of development and personal growth not just for me but for those interest. I offer readings and energy healing through the site where my ultimate desire is to help others find their way. I hope you’ll join me to at least take a peek! Both sites are interconnected in that my art expresses a lot of my spirituality and belief in ‘something more’ out there. Stay tuned for updates!

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