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Angels and Five Ways to Connect With them

The Angels are an integral part of my life. I love working with them, teaching about them, healing with them. I seek their assistance for myself as well as for everyone who requests me for healing. I seek their assistance during Reiki classes and Reiki attunements. I love having the angels in my life. It is part of my life’s purpose to spread the light of the angels, to help more and more people connect with these divine beings of love and light.

Here I wish to present a few simple techniques that can help you start connecting with the angels.

1. Angel Conversations – How would you talk to someone who is across the room? You would call out their name and start conversing. That is exactly how we talk to the angels too. Just say, “Dear Angels” and start talking to them. Allow your words to flow naturally. If you resonate with the idea of connecting with the angels, know that you are likely to be surrounded by angelic energy already. It is only a matter of making a conscious connection now. Just like turning on a switch can flood a room with light, making a small effort to connect will bring the light of the angels pouring into your life. One of the easiest ways to get started is by just talking.

They are as close to us as Reiki is to our fingertips. Just like we connect with Reiki, we can also connect with the angels. Trust and take the plunge. When you start talking, it may seem awkward initially because there appears to be no physical presence near you. However, as Reiki practitioners, we know that energy operates differently. We do not have to see Reiki in order to connect with it. Similarly, we do not have to see the angels in physical form in order to connect with them. Just start talking to them and rest assured they will hear you and will also often respond in their own way.

2. Notes to the Angels – For those who like to write, writing is another effective way to connect with the angels. Maintain a journal dedicated to the angels and write little notes to your angels as and when you feel like. Write from your heart and share everything you wish to. You may write out your requests for healing, share the happenings of your day or write just about anything that you wish to. To make the connection stronger, give Reiki to your journal for a minute or so before you begin to write your notes.

3. Candles – This is another highly effective way to connect with the angels. Light a candle in your healing space. Close your eyes. Draw or visualise the Reiki symbols before you. Request the angels to come into your space and to make their presence in your life much stronger. Be receptive to any impressions you receive soon after. The angels are very kind and come rushing to our side the moment we request them to do so.

4. Crystal Angels – Having crystal angels near you is another way to connect with angelic energy. If you intend to buy crystals angels for yourself, the best approach is to pick one intuitively. When you browse through a section of crystal angels, some of them will call out to you. Trust your intuition and pick the one/ones that feel right for you, even if you do not understand the logic behind it. Place them in your altar or Reiki healing space. Ensure they are cleansed from time to time, following the method that suits each crystal best.

5. Regular Reiki Practice – This is the most important point of all. This is because when we are regular with Reiki practice, we are becoming increasingly sensitive to the world of energy and spirit. This makes it easier for us to open up to the angels, to connect with them effortlessly and also to hear their guidance and messages for us.

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