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Enchanted Wisdom Oracle Cards – Kickstarter

I’m finally doing it. I’ve never been one to ask for help but in this instance I do need it. In combining my two greatest passions and follow my heart’s path I’m in the midst of creating a new Oracle card Pack, Enchanted Wisdom.

In order for this to be successful however, I require additional funds.

A friend suggested I try Kickstarter and thus I began a campaign. To say I feel somewhat awkward about asking for funds is an understatement BUT there are rewards given for specific amounts pledge including at the $45 dollar level where you get a full copy of the cards, as well as one card free reading from me!.

There is value in each reward.

I have 40 enchanted wisdom cards already complete. I plan on doing a total of 54 – 56 cards.

However self-publishing is not cheap. Most card printing companies require bulk purchase with a minimum of 1000 decks ordered, which is an insane amount for anyone really unless you have backers or Angel investors looking to help out.

So here I am, putting my heart and soul into every card, each artwork of mine means very much as art has helped me through a difficult time with my depression and anxiety. I wish only to offer the same help to others and I know the impact of oracle cards and how uplifting they can be.

Without further adieu, Here is the link below to participate in making this dream come true. Thank you to all. (If you cannot donate, then please simply share the link with people you feel may be interested. ! Love and Light.

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the cards.enchanted wisdom card.

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