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Enchanted Wisdom Oracle Cards – Update

Enchanted Wisdom Kickstarter Campaign

I’ve decided to cancel my Kickstarter Campaign. I’ve been of a mind to do this for some time now and not because of funding or lack thereof. For a while now I’ve been thinking about cancelling it mainly due to the fact that I approached the concept without much thought, plundered ahead and only afterwards went WOW ! It truly requires a lot of work, time and effort – and I mean CONSTANT effort to get noticed and backed. I’m not afraid of hard work or even marketing, but I wasn’t ready for the sheer amount of time it would take to get the Cards out there and word spread.

I had multiple companies message me about helping me spread the word, but most of them charge incredibly high prices and there was still no guarantee people would back the full project and I simply do not have an extra $300 or these companies were quoting me. I’d rather invest any of my own money in taking full control of my project and using a print on demand service for the time being until I hear back from publishers. Certainly, I’m looking at this as a learned lesson, rather than a failure of anyway and the cards will still be completed and put out into the Universe!

It’s definitely an option I may reconsider down the road.

The Card Design

I am revamping the cards after receiving the prototype from Printerstudio.com. The card quality feels thin, but overall for the cost, they aren’t bad. I am however going to go with the larger cards (3.5×5) or so. Furthermore, I’ve separated the cards into the Five Elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit as each element has their own meanings behind them and fit well with the images. I changed the font size too, and type for the message so it will be much easier to read on a larger card.

I still want readers to focus more on the images than the message per se, which is why the majority of the card is the artwork. I’m may end up using two different print studios to give people a choice. The Game Crafter is great as I can include documents and a custom tuck box but international shipping is a minimum $16 (at least to Canada!), which is a little disheartening. Printerstudio.com shipping is far less, but the cards will have a plain white tuck box only. SO! Choices to be made indeed!

The current new design is as follows:

enchanted wisdom

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