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Oracle Cards – Coming Soon!

Enchanted Wisdom Oracle Cards

It is so exciting to reveal that I’m working on my own deck of Oracle cards utilizing a lot of my artwork I’ve done over the past many years.

As I have with Serenomy, I feel guided to do this to, combining my love of Spirituality and with art. I’m currently at 40 cards in a deck, which leaves me open for further decks down the roads.

The cards have messages upon them.

Rather than referring to a booklet they will rely much upon the intuition of the reader.

There is a lot of symbolism in the images, from colors to the scene on the whole and I want to leave them open without being to guided as to “THIS IS WHAT THE CARD MEANS”.

My focus is on strengthening intuition of OTHERS through use of the cards and each one contains a valuable message.

The project is on the go though it likely will take some time.

Then I have to make the decisions as to self-publish OR to try with one of the many publishers out there .

Here’s a glimpse so far.

I’ve tried for unique style, layout but with important messages that I feel all must read on occasion even if just as a reminder.

breakfreeoracle card


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