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Cards-Enchanted Wisdom PREVIEW!

I received a prototype of my Enchanted Wisdom Oracle Cards in the mail, FINALLY! I am working on a video but the phone I have makes truly crappy videos, so that will be a follow-up to this post.

A few points of the cards – I ordered the cheapest version I could, so these particular cards are very flimsy, definitely not the quality I’d use in the final product. Also, I’m thinking of changing the message font on the cards as it seems rather small. But this could be due to one of two reasons – 1. I used Tarotcard size instead of the large size cards (which I think I will go with for the final product), OR 2. My own eyesight which is sadly failing LOL. Anyhow, you can see from the images below an idea of how the cards look. I am happy with the colouring and how the images fit, which is great and it’s truly wonderful to actually HOLD the cards in my hand.

Baby steps! now I know what to fix, I can forward on and I will see these published! Thanks for your continual support! Click on the image for the larger version!

The Cards

cardsenchanted wisdom

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