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Dreams that Die

Once I felt important.
Special and adored.
The world revolved around me,
In your eyes.

How fleeting is it,
That all good things do end?
No matter how much you try
To avoid it.

It rests on my shoulders,
I feel it like a weight
And you, you are so perfect,
I cannot live up to the pedestal
I was once placed on.
Set up to fail.
Your illusions were magic
I believed. And I fell.
You pulled me in to your web
And wrapped me tight.

I felt love.

I gave all I could.
Time, hours, minutes.
More than I should.
More than I truly had.
But I cared and I wanted you to see that.
I gave what I got.

But ..

I knew fairytales were just dreams.
That moments of feeling special, were false.
The efforts once given dissipated.
And you wonder why I cry?
Yet you don’t see it.
Don’t hear me.
It is me, all through and through.
I’m the one to blame.
I’m the one at fault.

Don’t you see how you’ve changed?
How the moments of laughter and light
Were once so special to me?
The small things that sheltered me
And comforted me on a darkened night,
Have stopped.
Where are those simple words,
Of a waking moment to know
That for a brief moment in time apart,
I was a mere thought.
Where are those simple gestures,
Which you once did so easily?
I was ever so important.
I was ever so..

Don’t you see how those moments
Are now few and far between?
How I never know anymore if or when we’ll even talk.
Where before, you were always excited
Now, you just disappear.
Or don’t show.

All I hear is silence.
All I taste are my tears.
All I whisper is “why?”
And yet the answer seems
So clear.

I’ve gone from special and a hero
To a passing phase, it seems.
No longer am I the one
To fulfill those many dreams.
For it rests upon MY shoulders.
But for once,
I’m not all to blame.
Recall those first few days we spoke
I’m only asking for the same.

It was never hard to give before.
It was never such a chore.
What was love, isn’t love.
For I don’t think you feel it


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