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Dowsing for Health and Well-Being

Dowsing for Health and Well-Being

The traditional image of dowsing is a man – old with grey hair and beard! – holding a forked stick and looking for water. However the definition of dowsing is simply a means of finding out, and the process of dowsing can be applied in any field, including water, oil, minerals, electromagnetic fields, archaeology and health.

And far from being the “unproven” and “unscientific” practice described by the popular press, the science now exists that supports and explains the mechanics behind dowsing – and where the information comes from.

Cutting edge science tells us that the essence of our universe is an infinite field of invisible energy, a cosmic information field that contains all information past, present and future, and that encompasses all space – what we perceive to be solid matter and all the spaces in between.

What we are doing when we are dowsing is accessing that field with directed and deliberate intent. Our dowsing tool – whether we choose dowsing rods or pendulum – is simply there to amplify the micro-muscle movements that occur when we receive responses to our questions. Muscle testing in kinesiology is a similar process.

Each human body also has its own personal information-carrying energy field. The ground state of the body is not physical matter, but an energy field of intelligent wisdom that controls every biological process; it knows on every level what it needs to do to survive and it has innate and unlimited healing capabilities. When we cut our finger we don’t need to tell ourselves how to heal – it happens all by itself!

We can use dowsing to access this doctor within and, by understanding our body’s individual needs, support our own health and well-being. And although training to be a professional dowser can take years of practice and experience, dowsing for yourself can be learnt by anyone. You don’t need sophisticated tools – for many years I dowsed with wire coat hangers cut up to make a pair of L-shaped rods. So simply believe you can do it, formulate careful questions, build your confidence with practice …and remember to have fun.

The basis of information dowsing is to master a Yes and No response:

  • Sit in a comfortable chair, take a few deep breaths and relax
  • Hold your dowsing rods with a relaxed grip, body-width apart and parallel to the floor, with your arms extended but gently bent at the elbows
  • At this point, your rods will probably be swinging about reacting to all the energies around you. You need to tell them what to do
  • Ask them to show you a Yes response. They will either move and cross in front of you, or open outwards. Either way is fine – that is simply your own particular dowsing response for a Yes. If nothing happens, keep practising – you are teaching your body to learn new things and it takes patience
  • Now ask for a No response, and observe their reaction
  • If nothing happens, persevere and ask again. Stand aside and observe what the rods do – don’t try and move them with sheer determination, let the process flow through you
  • An alternative way to obtain a Yes or No response is to ask a question of which you already know (without any doubt) the answer. For example, if your name is Peter, ask ‘Is my name Peter?’. If you have blue eyes, ask ‘Are my eyes blue?’.       Make the question relevant to you, and observe what the rods do
  • Your best dowsing tool is the one with which you are most comfortable. If, after practice, still nothing happens perhaps try using a pendulum.   Still use the same methods, and your Yes and No responses may be a clockwise or anti-clockwise movement, a swinging to and fro, or side to side.

So how can we use dowsing to optimize our health and well-being?

Every week we are bombarded with conflicting new studies on cure-all foods; must have supplements; foods that cause cancer; health myths, miracle cures and dietary warnings, warnings, warnings. Or contradictory advice that we should totally avoid alcohol and then, the following week, that a glass of wine a day can help prevent heart disease.

A constant stream of information – and disinformation – is thrown at us from the media, from those with vested commercial interests, and from biased and uninformed government committees. Most people are suffering from information fatigue. We are left wondering what can we eat that not harmful and not going to send us to an early grave!

The real truth about your health lies in the wisdom within. Dowsing offers you the opportunity to determine what is, and what is not in your own individual best interest rather than being overwhelmed by a myriad of choices.

Dowsing allows you to see beyond hidden agendas, vested interests and fit-all solutions to ask which foods are health promoting; which foods are contaminated with harmful pesticides; what factors in your environment may be toxic or harmful; and the optimal levels of hydration, sleep, exercise, and nutritional supplements to support and sustain your best health and well-being.

The sky is the limit – so pick up your dowsing rods and ask your doctor within.

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