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Channelled Message – Archangel Haniel

Greetings people, I am Hanial, Archangel of earthly love, abidance and all things beautiful as you are. I speak to you with an invocation of reality that will be pressed through the Full moon this cycle, which brings about change, awakenings and a reversal of what has been. Channel my loving energy to aid you during this manifestation time. Ask for my aid and I will help you through this transition with my loving source. In this spiritual awakening, your gifts of intuition and clairvoyance will be deeply touched and the light of a new moon will bring around unfold change in our Universe that we must be ready to face. Cohesion is important in a time of upheaval. Love is relevant while fear and doubt must be lifted collectively to embrace the changes that are aligned with this moon. Many are going through difficult times and in this, I say this too shall pass. The Earth is reacting to your responses of negativity, of hate and nature will continue to fight until love prevails. Anger should be released and peace embraced for as a people we are all one race. We are all one, united. Separated by creed, and colour but with one Race that unifies us all. With this moon I ask you to focus on yourself – be selfish in this moment because as each person heals on their own, it raises the higher vibration on the whole of our collective consciousness and this is what we need at this time. Fear and dark energies are weaker when you focus on your heart and inner light. As one heals so to do we all.

Embrace yourself in my soft yellow light, like the sun that offers warmth and radiance and I will be there for you during this time, guiding you. Invoke me through your prayers or simply will me to be present. The future is in our hands, and this second of a trifecta full moons is leading to a new year that will bring about positive changes, new cycles. Trust that we, the Archangels have your back and that the Earth and Universe have to their desire to see peace. Will it, and it can happen. Positive thinking, the law of attraction, bending your reality will ensure we all endure what stands ahead. I give you my heart, my light and surround you with peace prosperity and awaken your sacred energies. Trust in yourself. Believe in the will of man and set to make changes that will unite us all.

Love, Light and peace,
Archangel Haniel.

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