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I am invisible
To the World that seems not to care.
To a life that seems not to function.
To a family that seems not to notice and
To a love that has reached its bounds.

I am invisible
To each day that ends in darkness
To birds that fly so high
To fishes that delve deep within the Ocean
To everyone’s blind eye.

I am visible
To pain, that festers
To hurt and wounds, and more
To empty, hollowed emotions
To salvation that never comes.

I am visible
To tears that fall
To being heard, yet misunderstood.
To being laughed and taunted,
To being teased, mocked and hurt.

I am visible
Yet no one sees me.
I am visible,
Yet no one hears me.
I am visible,
Yet no one feels me
I am visible,
Yet no one cares.

For in this shadowed darkness
Where that light I once knew has died,
Is a pain that cannot be imagined,
Despite how hard I’ve tried.

Worthless communication
Twisted words that are spoken wrong,
Emotions that drive my motion
and leaves me all alone.

I am invisible
Yet I do feel.
I am invisible,
Yet I care.
I am invisible,
Yet I have given,
I am visible,
Please see me there…

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