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Lifeless, in arms of dread
That sink and pull toward a pit so deep
Ether of it’s pallid gaze,
Shifts in momentum to slither hope.
The gargantuan leap to where no resolution lies
A fading figure of null, in void.
Lost and aching
Misguided by a reality no longer in vision
A pain so true, it goes unheard
To where a rose withers to naught.
A petal of dust, destined for shame
In where she lies, within the realm
Of blurred sensation that numbs a soul
And envisioned bouquets of hapless moors dance.
In silence she has become
In death she has lived
And in life, she had decayed to where a solitary vision
Unique to her own
Pulls it’s strings and guides her to the distant shore.
While a laden heart, in weight does tug
The tides of strength beyond her duty.
Wallowing in a depth of darkness
And grasped by hands of time
Toward the emptiness of her truth revealed.
Where love does die,
And thoughts of him dissipate
Like dust on the wind
And a bitter taste not resolved.

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