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Angelic history and lore has fascinated humans for thousands of years. The word Angel has its root in the Greek word Angelos meaning messenger. The study of angels is called angelology. Although we cannot be exact in the timing of angelic appearance in our world history. There are numerous drawings and writings from ancient civilizations which have survived. These include, Egypt, India, Persia and Sumeria. We also have the Dead Sea scrolls. A large commune of people called the Essene lived together in and around Qumran and along the shores of the Dead Sea in what is now Israel more than 2,000 years ago. The Essene regarded the world around them and believed that it was necessary to harmonize themselves with their spiritual self and the physical world, in order to produce a state of well-being. They did this by communing with angels on a daily basis. The Essene writings and their communions have been found in the Dead Sea scrolls.

Angelic beings are also found in the old testament (Raphael appears in the book of Tobit) in the Catholic and orthodox bibles. In fact most cultures and religions to some degree have a lore or belief in angels.

Islam has always had a strong link and belief in angels; it draws a lot of its inspiration from ancient religions of the Babylonians, the Assyrians and Chaldeans. Angel Gabriel is the angel who brought the message of the Koran to The Prophet Mohammed.

The Native North American Indians have a mythological creature called a Thunderbird so called because its huge wings cause the skies to thunder! The belief is that these thunderbirds carry messages and light from spirit.

The Celts communed with nature and their Anamchara (angel or Soul friend) on a regular basis if not daily. These angels played the role of a guardian angel.

Buddhists believe that angels are Bodhisattva which means enlightened ones. These enlightened ones have chosen to stay here rather than enter Nirvana (heaven) in order to help humans reach their own state of enlightenment. They often reveal themselves through meditation. In Tibetan Buddhism celestial beings are called Devas and they appear as pillars of light.

Hindus have a sacred book called the Vedas. They do not have references to angels, but they have spirits that seem to perform recognizable angelic functions. Such as bringing messages or warnings. Theses spirits are called Gandharvas and they are depicted with wings.

The catholic bible contains angels who are seen as Gods messengers and protectors. Catholics also believe that every human soul has a guardian angel that protects and guides them. Catholics are encouraged to pray to their guardian angels for protection and guidance

Angels are understood to be beings of light, messengers and guardians of God or the Divine. They are as far as we know neither male nor female, rather a perfect balance of feminine and masculine attributes. As beings of light angels are able to manifest themselves in to whatever form they wish. Often when people speak of encounters with angels, most people see them in flowing gowns with wings emanating in brilliant light. This could be due to the fact most angelic paintings or sculptures show them depicted this way. So it makes sense that we would recognize and be less afraid of the angels if they appeared that way. Some stories speak of Angels appearing in human form and then disappearing.

There are thousands of angels who bridge the “gap” of heaven and Earth. Angels are bearers of Gods light. As Angels are from another dimension they are not restricted by time or space and can help multiple people at once.

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