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Angels of Work & Creativity

ANGELS OF Work or Career

If you are looking for some extra guidance regarding your career, then look to the angels to help you! There are a few angels you can call on see below. These angels will give you clear guidance, listen feel and observe. You will be given signs that can come in many forms. Be open and stay positive. Affirm that you’re are living and working in balance with your “dream” job.

Arch Angel Michael knows your Divine life purpose. Call on him to clear and expand your throat chakra located in your throat! He will give you the inner strength and courage to move forward and to trust the longings of your heart. By clearing your throat chakra you will be much more aware and clearer on your life mission.

Arch Angel Gabriel has been linked to the arts and all creative work, but in truth Gabriel can help guide you, to the right people, and you can use Gabriel’s wisdom almost like a manger.

Angel Camael can help you to stand firm, to bring you confidence and feel secure. He will boost your confidence and aid your self-esteem. Call on him to release your fear of moving forward. You will be empowered then to choose a path and direction.

Arch Angel Jophiel will aid you in making the right choice, when you are presented with many options.


ANGELS OF Creativity

Whether you love painting, drawing, cooking, decorating, dressmaking, writing or even gardening. There are some great angels you can call upon for inspiration. All these angels can help you tune in to your talents and give you the confidence to let your gifts shine.

Call on Archangel GABRIEL whose name means GOD is My Strength, to help you get organised with your writing, use her gentle wisdom to guide you and bring you inspiration. She can direct you on your path, finding just the right words of inspiration you need to get your point across. Gabriel helps to keep you focused and on the right track. If you have desires and dreams use Mondays to help contact Angel Gabriel as that has been assigned as her day through the years, but if you forget don’t worry. Use the moons natural force and cycles as well to bring about your aspirations. Gabriel will work with your intuitive right brained power allowing your true potential to rise forward. You can also use Moonstone and Citrine to connect with Gabriel.

Call on ArchAngel JOPHIEL whose name means Beauty Of God. This is the angel to call on, to beautify your thoughts and creative space. She encourages you to go outside in nature to connect with your spiritual self. Jophiel brings a sense of fun and excitement with her as she is delighted to spend time with you, encouraging you to see things through beautiful eyes. She can help turn a space into a positive vibrant area where your creative or latent talents can shine through. You can use deep pink crystals to help you connect with Jophiel, like Rubelite but again its not necessary!

Call on Angel TAGAS to help with musical projects and to find the music within you. Tagas can help you open up your voice to speak your truth lovingly. Tagas will work with the ultimate instrument which is you your own vibration! He will attune and refine your chakras so you can live in harmony with yourself and the world around you. Harmonize yourself with the melody of life. Use the magical gift of Tagas to bring healing and passion into your life. If you want to learn a musical instrument let him guide you. Use music to enliven your soul and lift your worries away, even for a short while.

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