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How to call your Angels

Call upon your angels from your heart, they will assist you. People get very caught up thinking they have to be holy or religious to ask for help and that’s simply not true. Angels do not belong to any religion or follow a faith. Instead they are light beings ever available to offer guidance. You are a being of light, composed from the Divines love. You are cherished more than you can imagine. All of heaven is waiting to assist you! You of course have free will; you do not have to take their guidance. Plus the angels aren’t going to do things for you, that’s not their job. You have to get up and take the steps needed to fulfill your dreams. The key here is communication.

Communication with your guardian angel and other angels is an ongoing daily process. The more you talk to your angel as you would a friend, the more aware you become of what and where you are meant to be. Daily meditation even for a few moments helps to set your intentions for the day. Even before you get out of bed you can call your angels in and ask for help with such and such today. Talking to your angels is not like putting in a request for a big house a car and a pony. Although those things may come as you align yourself to your true soul vocation. It’s about your spiritual growth the lessons you are meant to learn and grow from. The challenges you face, the development of yourself, and using your humanity to grow and help others. The angels will help you on your path, and with the Divines help you will find the strength and courage to carry on. Even in your darkest times when you feel lost, abandoned and helpless, try to allow yourself to be held and loved in the divine’s presence. Surrender your pain and hand it over to the Divine.

It is at the most vulnerable times when we can’t feel anything that heaven is knocking on your door.

Always remember to thank your angels for their love and guidance.

The following Archangels can help and guide you with any issues within these chakras. This is not inclusive by any means, as the angels do so much more and can help with a number of concerns. Please use your own intuition, and be guided by that. If you feel or see another colour while working with a particular chakra that is fine, ask the angels to bring healing light into the chakra.

The Archangels are not necessarily the same colour as the chakra itself either. In fact most of them aren’t. I have found in my own meditations that they sometimes appear in a different colour. The Archangels are working with that particular chakra, not that they are the colour of that chakra!

Chakra: VIOLET Crown Chakra Archangel

Archangel Zadkiel is known for helping students remember facts and figures for tests; healing painful memories; remembering your Divine spiritual origin and missions; and choosing forgiveness.

Arch Angel Zadkiel, whose name means Righteousness of God, is said to rule Jupiter and the sixth heaven. It is said Zadkiel is the angel who stopped Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac on Mount Moriah. Zadkiel is known as the bringer of wisdom, abundance, self- transformation, spiritual growth and cosmic alchemy. Zadkiel works with the crown chakra which sits at the top of your head. It resonates to the vibrational colour of violet. Just by using this colour and breathing it in and drawing it down into your crown can put you in a state of calm. This violet ray is said to “cleanse and purify anything it touches” making it a wonderful tool to cleanse mind, body and soul. Call on Zadkiel to help with any of the above you can use the crystals lapis lazuli or turquoise, to help connect with Zadkiel’s energy in meditation.

For a simple meditation you could lie quietly on the floor or sitting comfortably in a chair, feet flat on the floor, and just visualize this beautiful violet ray of colour pouring in through the top of your head. Breathe in the colour; take your time, see it come alive before you. Draw it down into your body allowing it to move freely healing and clearing and cleansing as it moves down your body, See it flowing over all your organs, gently releasing any tension or upsets. You only need to do this for a few minutes. When your finished open your eyes take a deep breath in stretch your arms up, and make sure you feel grounded and connected back into the physical world. You can cross your arms over your thighs for a moment and see huge roots coming out the soles of your feet rooting you to mother earth.

Archangel Zadkiel is a great healer of the mind, who gently leads you by the hand to take responsibility for your own happiness.

Archangel Zadkiel’s Color:

Deep Indigo Blue

Crystal or Gemstone:

Lapis Lazuli

Astrological Sign:

Gemini, the sociable but studious multitasked.

INDIGO Third Eye

Connecting with Raziel can help you to uncover new spiritual insights, develop your psychic abilities, remove blockages, increase your creativity, and tune into Divine magic and manifestation! Raziel helps us humans ply our knowledge until it becomes spiritualized and second nature to us.

“Keeper of Secrets” and the “Angel of Mysteries”

He is the Patron Angel of Law Makers and Lawyers

He is called the personification of divine wisdom.

He is the ruler of the planet Neptune.

Raziel’s head is surrounded by a glowing yellow aura.

He wears a robe of gray material that seems to swirl as if made of liquid.


Archangel Raziel’s Color:

Rainbow Colors

Crystal or Gemstone:

Clear Quartz

Astrological Sign:

Leo, the dramatic rainbow of colors and bright light

Chakra: BLUE Throat Chakra

Archangel Michael is one of the most popular and widely known archangels, this is largely due to the fact that he is one of the closest arch angels to the physical realm, connecting through the Sun. Archangel Michael is deeply committed to helping humanity grow and increase in vibration. Archangel Michael oversees guardian angels, and he will help you to release lower energies of fear or worry, so that you can open to experience the incredible love and light of the Angelic Ream, and live a fun, fulfilling and passionate life.


Michael – Associated with the Fire element
Colour: Royal Purple, Royal Blue, and Gold

This Archangel is ‘over the best parts of humanity and over chaos’ His name means Who is like to God. Also known as St. Michael, Archangel Michael is said to be the closest to God and is heaven’s greatest defender and mightiest warrior against evil. His symbol is a fiery sword.


Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray: Faith

Also known as: Lord Michael, Prince of the Archangels, Archangel of the First Ray, Defender of the Faith

Divine Quality: Protection , Faith , Will of God , Power , Omnipotence of God , Perfection

Service to Life: In response to our free will calls and decrees, Archangel Michael protects our consciousness, being, and world. Focuses the Solar Consciousness of the First Ray Uses the Sword of Blue Flame to cut loose and set free from psychic and astral substance, as well as from other malevolent influences, all who make the call and invoke Michael’s assistance.

Spiritual gift of freedom from doubt and fear, Strengthening of your faith, Inspiration for leaders, Improvement of government

Vibration / Ray / Flame: Blue Flame , Blue Lightning Flame of Faith White and Blue Flame Blue Lightning of Cosmic Christ Protection

Angels: Legions of Blue Lightning Angels , Angels of Blue Flame , Angels of the Sword of Blue Flame , Legions of Blue Flame Angels

Crystal or Gemstone:


Astrological Sign:

Oversees All.

Chakra: Solar Plexus – Yellow

Archangel Raphael is the main archangel who oversees healing for living beings on Earth. He is an incredibly kind and powerful angelic being, who is ready, willing and waiting to connect with you directly if you so desire.  When called upon Raphael brings powerful healing to mind, body, and spirit. He may surround you with emerald green healing light to nurture your entire being, and rejuvenate your physical vitality.  He often brings healing through guidance too and with the powerful divine guidance from Archangel Raphael, you can activate and use your bodies innate ability to heal itself. In some cases Raphael does help to trigger instant and miraculous healing, though this is not always the case… Sometimes you will be required to listen to his guidance and take action yourself to align with the healing you seek.

The guidance from Archangel Raphael may not be in the way you expect, as he will both directly and indirectly communicate with you to guide you in the direction of full healing, vibrant health, and well-being.

Associated with the Air element.

Raphael rules over the day of Wednesday and the Planet Mercury
This Archangel is ‘over the spirits of men’ Also called St. Raphael, this Archangel is ‘the Shining One who Heals’. His symbol is the sun. Raphael protects travelers and heals the sick and injured, granted the gift of healing by God. While Raphael is also the angel of Science and Knowledge, he is equally known to be charming and fun loving.


Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray: = Mary, the Mother of Jesus

Also known as: Lord Raphael, Archangel of Healing, Archangel of the Fifth Ray, Archangel of Consecration and Dedication.

Vibration / Ray / Flame: Emerald, Green

Service to Life: Healing of body, mind, soul, and spirit. Inspiration for the study and practice of music, mathematics, science, and both traditional and alternative medicine. Meeting of physical needs such as food, clothing, shelter, tools of your trade. Repairing of rifts between nations. Inspiration for new cures for diseases.

Angels: Healing Angels. Angels of Healing, Legions of the Fifth Ray, Legions of Healing, Legions of Emerald-Green Fire, Legions of Emerald-Green Lightning

Archangel Raphael’s Color:

Emerald Green

Crystal or Gemstone:

Emerald or Malachite

Chakra: Heart  – Green

Chamuel is one of the seven archangels of the 5th-century Pseudo-Dionysian teachings on the celestial hierarchy. He is sometimes confused with Samael, an “angel” who has dark and destructive leanings. The confusion likely stems from the similar sound of their names. But rest assured that Chamuel is entirely of God’s light.  As “he who sees God,” Chamuel has omniscient vision, and he sees the connection between everyone and everything.

Angel Camael can help you to stand firm, to bring you confidence and feel secure. He will boost your confidence and aid your self-esteem. Call on him to release your fear of moving forward. You will be empowered then to choose a path and direction.

Colour: pale green

Crystal or Gemstone:


Astrological Sign:

Taurus, the persistent finder of what is being sought

Chakra: Orange Sacral

Archangel Gabriel is a powerful and loving messenger of Divine love, wisdom, and guidance. Gabriel is the Archangel of communication, new beginnings, and strength. She will assist you in learning to tune into messages of Divine love for yourself, and in opening to allow Divine strength to flow throughout your life. When called upon Gabriel will bring you inspiring messages to assist you in finding your highest calling. If your spiritual vision has been blocked, and you desire to receive visions of angelic guidance regarding the direction you are headed, call upon Archangel Gabriel to open your third eye to clearly see Divine love.  Archangel Gabriel delivers messages of Divine inspiration, and frequency. Tune into the love of Archangel Gabriel to cleanse and lift your vibration, open your heart, and reconnect with all that you came here to be.

Arch Angel Gabriel has been linked to the arts and all creative work, but in truth Gabriel can help guide you, to the right people, and you can use Gabriel’s wisdom almost like a manger.

Associated with the Water Element
Gabriel rules over the day of Monday and the Moon

Colour: sea green

This Archangel is ‘over Paradise’ Gabriel sits at the left hand of God, and is the angel of incarnation, of conception and birth and of dreams.

Gabriel’s emblem is the lily, symbolizing conception, and it is Gabriel who instructs souls for the nine months before they enter the world.


Twin Flame / Divine Complement / Twin Ray: Hope

Also known as: Lord Gabriel, Angel of the Annunciation, Angel of Resurrection

Vibration / Ray / Flame: Purity, White, Mother-of-Pearl,

Service to Life: Guidance in your spiritual life , Revelation of your life plan and purpose, Release Joy, Happiness, and Fulfillment, Dissolution of discouragement, Help establish Discipline and Order in your life

Angels: Angels of Guidance, Legions of the Fourth Ray, Legions of Purity, Legions of White Fire, Legions of White Lighting

Retreat / Spiritual Home: Fourth Sphere or Realm, Between Sacramento and Mount Shasta, California, U.S.A.

Chakra: Red Root

Archangel Uriel’s name means “the Light of God,” and she is often depicted with an open hand… Holding forward a flame of light that is a gift of illumination for all human souls.The open hand of Archangel Uriel represents the openness and willingness to receive the love of God and to remain spiritually devoted. Uriel pours light upon the world illuminating humanity and helping us each along the path of enlightenment.

Associated with the Earth element Colour: White, Gold, Earth tones This Archangel is ‘over the world’. Archangel Uriel’s name means Fire of God, and he is known as The Angel of Repentance. His Christian symbol is am open hand holding a flame. In Christian tradition, Uriel is also the Angel of Music, The Angel of Poetry and the Angel of Prophecy. Uriel also assists in communicating with nature, and can be called on to assist with material and earthly matters


Also known as: Lord Uriel, Archangel of Ministration, Archangel of the Sixth Ray, Angel of Ministration (6)

Vibration / Ray / Flame: Purple and Gold, Ruby, Ruby and Gold

Divine Quality: Peace, Ministration, Service

Angels: Legions of Purple and Gold Lightning Angels, Angels of Purple and Gold, Legions of the Ruby Ray, Angels of Ruby and Gold

Additional ArchAngels

Angel Sandalphon is said to have been one of two angels who were once mortal men. He is said to have been the prophet Elijah. The other angel is Metatron. Sandalphon gathers our prayers and brings them to heaven. He is said to calm down dangerous or angry situation by pouring his turquoise light upon the people or situation. As Sandalphon is a caretaker of the earth he also uses natures colours to help heal your emotions and physical needs.

By bringing balance and stability into your physical being. Sandalphon helps you integrate the earth star chakra which is below your feet (in the earth) Sandalphon can help you fully connect with this chakra grounding you fully into your spirituality which is vital for uniting your spiritual self into everyday life. Sandalphon can help ease any addictions from food, alcohol, Tabaco, drugs etc. Call on Sandalphon whenever you feel ungrounded or out of sorts. Allow your root chakra to ground down deep into the earth and connecting with your earth star chakra. As Sandalphon is also associated with music he is great to call on to boost your musical talents, and he can aid your creativity especially children! A beautiful, gentle and power angel who can help you to live in a positive and grounded way.


Whenever you feel like you need help from your angels, you can always call upon Archangel Metatron. Pure light, Metatron is a great spiritual teacher who is ready to help you take your life to the next level. Often referred to as the “Angel of Life” as he oversees the Akashic Records where details accounts of everything which happens on Heaven and Earth is kept. As a part of this role, Metatron offers a link between Heaven and Earth and works around the clock to help those who are ready and willing, align with their highest and best possible path. Metatron is very upbeat, encouraging, and supportive of those who are sensitive. He can also help you to understand complex spiritual concepts, as well as why different situations occur in your life. Metatron also looks over children, and is closely aligned with children (and adults) who are sensitive to the realms of Spirit.


Archangel Ariel is well known as the “Lioness of God”, as this is the direct translation of the name Ariel, or Arael in Herbew. But there’s more to Ariel, who is a powerful Archangel, and a magnificent spiritual being. Archangels each have specific Divine Missions and duties to carry out the Divine Will and acting as messengers of Divine Love for humanity.  Archangel Ariel is the Archangel overseeing nature and the natural world and she acts as a liaison between humanity and the elementals, fairies, gnomes, elves, sprites, animals, crystals, minerals, air, and the Divine magic of the earth. If you have a desire to connect with the fairies, elementals, or nature magic of any sort, Ariel is the perfect Archangel to call upon to help you safely and (fairies can be a bit mischievous, and certain nature realms contain density) effectively tune in.


Archangel Haniel is an Archangel of energy, vitality, and passion for life. When called upon, Archangel Haniel will cleanse and transmit all worry and lower vibrations back into love with her blue orb of healing light. Archangel Haniel can also help you to awaken your psychic and spiritual abilities like energy healing, clairvoyance, intuition and inner strength.


Jophiel is a wonderful ally to call upon when you need help seeing the beauty within and around you. She will help you to shift your perspective from focusing on what is wrong and bad, into seeing the positives, beauty and magic that is all around you.


Archangel Muriel is a powerful and yet gentle Archangel of peace and harmony who oversees emotions, and intuition, with unconditional love and compassion.
Archangel Muriel helps all who call upon her, but is especially connected to those who are empathic, or struggling with emotions. Muriel also assist individuals who are ready to open up intuitively to the next level.


Archangel Azraels name means “Whom God helps”. Archangel Azrael’s primary angelic responsibility is assisting souls in making the transition from physical life to the spirit world after death. Archangel Azrael can also help you to complete a life review now.


Archangel Jeremiel assists with developing clairvoyance, receiving prophetic visions, understanding the meaning of dreams, and sorting through past memories to review your life. Call upon Archangel Jeremiel when you’re ready and willing for help, and he will help resolve challenges and guide you to make changes which will impact your future in a positive way. Archangels as he holds the key to unlocking many of the secrets and mysteries of the Universe.


Orion is like the galactic Archangel… He is an incredibly powerful, cosmic, and love filled guide from the Celestial Realms.  Archangel Orion offers powerful help with energy clearing, protection, releasing dark or negative energy (or entities), and on the lighter side he will help you to open to receive and understand the vast beauty, magic and high vibrational frequency present now.

ANGELS OF Work or Career

If you are looking for some extra guidance regarding your career, then look to the angels to help you! There are a few angels you can call on see below. These angels will give you clear guidance, listen feel and observe. You will be given signs that can come in many forms. Be open and stay positive. Affirm that you’re are living and working in balance with your “dream” job.

Arch Angel Michael knows your Divine life purpose. Call on him to clear and expand your throat chakra located in your throat! He will give you the inner strength and courage to move forward and to trust the longings of your heart. By clearing your throat chakra you will be much more aware and clearer on your life mission.

Arch Angel Gabriel has been linked to the arts and all creative work, but in truth Gabriel can help guide you, to the right people, and you can use Gabriel’s wisdom almost like a manger.

Angel Camael can help you to stand firm, to bring you confidence and feel secure. He will boost your confidence and aid your self-esteem. Call on him to release your fear of moving forward. You will be empowered then to choose a path and direction.

Arch Angel Jophiel will aid you in making the right choice, when you are presented with many options.


ANGELS OF Creativity

Whether you love painting, drawing, cooking, decorating, dressmaking, writing or even gardening. There are some great angels you can call upon for inspiration. All these angels can help you tune in to your talents and give you the confidence to let your gifts shine.

Call on Archangel GABRIEL whose name means GOD is My Strength, to help you get organised with your writing, use her gentle wisdom to guide you and bring you inspiration. She can direct you on your path, finding just the right words of inspiration you need to get your point across. Gabriel helps to keep you focused and on the right track. If you have desires and dreams use Mondays to help contact Angel Gabriel as that has been assigned as her day through the years, but if you forget don’t worry. Use the moons natural force and cycles as well to bring about your aspirations. Gabriel will work with your intuitive right brained power allowing your true potential to rise forward. You can also use Moonstone and Citrine to connect with Gabriel.

Call on ArchAngel JOPHIEL whose name means Beauty Of God. This is the angel to call on, to beautify your thoughts and creative space. She encourages you to go outside in nature to connect with your spiritual self. Jophiel brings a sense of fun and excitement with her as she is delighted to spend time with you, encouraging you to see things through beautiful eyes. She can help turn a space into a positive vibrant area where your creative or latent talents can shine through. You can use deep pink crystals to help you connect with Jophiel, like Rubelite but again its not necessary!

Call on Angel TAGAS to help with musical projects and to find the music within you. Tagas can help you open up your voice to speak your truth lovingly. Tagas will work with the ultimate instrument which is you your own vibration! He will attune and refine your chakras so you can live in harmony with yourself and the world around you. Harmonize yourself with the melody of life. Use the magical gift of Tagas to bring healing and passion into your life. If you want to learn a musical instrument let him guide you. Use music to enliven your soul and lift your worries away, even for a short while.

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