About me

by Karen
About me


I am a gifted intuitive, empath, Reiki Master & Practitioner, Energy Healer, Tarot & Oracle Card Reader and Spiritual Mentor with an ever-growing base of knowledge and accreditation. I have a firm belief in Metaphysics which I’m currently studying with an aim toward a Masters and Doctorate Degree. With an inherent love and abiding respect for Mother Earth and the power of nature, I have responded to an ancestral calling to become a healer and intuitive guide – something I have practiced for the last 20 years with friends and family.

An avid artist (http://whimsicalmuse.com) and writer, I reside in Eastern Ontario with my amazing family and wonderful dog. I keep a very close connection to nature which resonates in all my work.

Schooled in business, I have worked for 20 years plus in the Finance industry before suffering from a massive bout of Major Depression, Severe social anxiety, and social phobia. It was a very dark time. However in returning to my love of all things spiritual I’ve transcended beyond what medicine could do for me and now I aim to reach for the stars!

I embarked on my chosen Soul path, followed my heart and listened to the messages of my Guides and Angels with the pure intention of sharing my compassion, caring and guidance with all.

I, like so many other lightworkers, are needed to help those who’ve yet to see, yet feel the magic of the Divine Source. We’ve been called by the Angels to offer assistance. We know our own strength of will, we know our own minds and just what we can do to help others. This gift is inherent in us all from birth but many people have lost track or are stuck in situations being unable to see what is right before them. This is where I help.

There is nothing more than I want than to provide you with a soul reaching reading. To offer a reflection. To see you become more confident and stand proud. To guide you through dark times and welcome you into a loving, embracing zone where you feel safe and comforted. Because I know what it’s like to feel so very alone.

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