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A Solar Eclipse of the Heart..

This year’s solar eclipse will predominately be seen in the US though it will be felt around the World.

As a former harbinger of Doom, historically a Solar eclipse was an extremely scary situation for the primitive man who didn’t understand how the Universe worked. With today’s technology and knowledge gained over the last thousand years or so we have come far and can extrapolate the good from the bad. Or can we?

There are many situations that the World faces these days and with social media, it seems as if it is getting worse by the day. Facebook, Twitter – the freedom of Speech has become an invaluable asset where even idiots can speak their mind to make an impact. Negativity breeds negativity. Hate fuels hate. And doom is on our doorstep because we can’t seem to figure out just how to live in peace. And, sadly, we all know how to breed contempt by posting our opinions freely without any thought or recourse to what those words do to others. Sex. Race. Ethnicity. Color. Gender.

When did we become so uncaring? When did we become monsters? Or were we always as such?

For Ten thousand years man has walked the earth and we are still committing the same mistakes today as we did back then, if not WORSE.

We judge. We hate. We kill.

While I know there are many who love and swear by it, myself included, it’s still so dissatisfying to hear the news, read comments and posts that are so detrimental to peace and finding a common ground. It’s heartbreaking to know that children who are born today who are so very innocent become inoculated to kindness, lose their compassion and caring for the World that surrounds them due to the media and the internet and the access to information. Due to the open roads of communication and more. I’m not a fan of hiding the facts but at the same time, what are we doing to curb them when they are so destructive?

It is a fine line we walk to be sure.

It falls upon us all to ensure Doomsday never happens. We need to learn from our history – from Wars and decimation. Inahilation and destruction. Love and peace can surmount this terrible darkness that festers around us. And LOVE is instilled in us all. If we merely focus on it, move toward it those in power, those who strive to take that power from us, will fail.

“You hold no power over me.” Were it simply a Goblin King from the Movies we might stand a chance. But all is not lost!

I believe in the Human RACE. We are all one RACE. HUMAN. We are not defined by skin color, the shape of eyes or ethnicity. The World was created and all MAN existed. Uniform. Real. Most of all, Equal.

For we all walk the same Earth. What makes us so wonderful is our differences but it is our differences that serve to separate us and cause friction because we use it too. Rather than hate, We should celebrate them. Not antiquate them.

One step at a time. I believe we can do it if we all just give in and allow love to eclipse a heart of hate. Teach and guide and show people that hate doesn’t rule.

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