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A Message from the Archangels – Michaelmas

With today being the Michaelmas, otherwise known as the Feast of Archangels St Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel I felt it was important this morning to do an Archangel card reading.

It was my intent to a simple one card reading. Interestingly enough one card fell from the deck as I was shuffling so I ended up pulling two. The first card was, ironically a message from Archangel Michael, the second from Rapheal! I strongly feel that the reading is one I need to share with you also. Archangel Michael’s Message was “Crystal Clear Intentions.”

The message is to be clear about what you desire and focus upon it with unwavering faith. You need to believe and trust that the universe will hear you. You will manifest your dreams no matter what they are. It is a reminder not to give up and realize that dreams are not  ‘just’ dreams. We all have the power to achieve what we desire. It is just a question of trust and finding the right way. Imagine you have already what you dream of, whether it be success, love, money or spiritual. He wants you to feel the emotions, live the emotions and in doing so, your set your intent. Focus on what you -truly- want out of life and trust in the divine source that it will come to you. Typically in whatever way possible.

The second card, was Archangel Raphael “Breathe” . This I feel is very important and aligns with the first card. We can all get so caught up in the crazy world as we push harder with each passing day. In our drive for success many of us over achieve. This leads to feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious thus we tend to lose sight of what’s before us. His message is a reminder that we all need to take a moment to breathe. To simply inhale, hold our breath then exhale slowly, blowing with it all the negative energies, the emotions – stress, anger, concern, worry out into the air and releasing it from our bodies. It’s unhealthy to keep things inside, as many of us know. His message is to clear those old patterns and in doing so this ties in directly with the first card pulled, Michael’s Crystal Clear Intentions.

Once you release your old wounds, your dreams, your intentions become more clear. You can visualize what it is you truly desire with nothing holding you back. Archangel Rapheal is the Archangel of Healing. His messages often abound when we are troubled with health matters. I personally.invoke his help when doing Reiki to offer additional assistance during a session (be it self, or someone else). This subtle message is simply saying let it go. Go outside and feel the fresh air. Allow the power of nature – water, earth and air embrace you as you unleash the uncertainty. It’s time to get back to basics.

These cards are from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Oracle Cards.

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