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Reiki Can Deepen Intimacy – Here’s How


Human touch is a powerful force. From handshakes, to hugs, to sex, physical touch is an essential way in which we establish and maintain relationships.

When used consciously and with loving intent, the power of touch can deepen connections in profound ways.

Everyone has heard the cliché of trading massages with your partner, but what about trading Reiki sessions? Even if your partner isn’t a Reiki practitioner, simply giving Reiki to your partner is a transcendental, highly intimate experience.

5 Ways Reiki Can Deepen Intimacy

  1. It adds a new dimension to intimacy – It’s intimacy without the sex, which most people rarely engage in (if at all). Reiki between partners can be an open door to many new expressions of intimacy.
  2. The comforting factor – Reiki allows for complete surrender, vulnerability and openness between both parties.
  3. Enjoying the gift of giving – Giving just feels good, and giving to someone you deeply care about is intensely gratifying.
  4. Having common goals – Facilitating each other’s healing means that you’re working towards a common goal, which is major sign of a healthy relationship.
  5. It’s a new experience – Chances are that giving your partner a Reiki session will be a novel experience, which keeps things interesting and sustains the honeymoon effect.

So here’s the takeaway; schedule a Reiki session with your partner within the next week. It will undoubtedly take your intimacy to the next level.

Because we all know it’s better than just zoning out in front of the TV with that special someone, right?

Love and blessings to you.

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